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We have developed the first threaded axle tube allowing spindles to be easily installed and removed – making them replaceable and serviceable!

Our innovative proprietary process for spindle replacement is not only affordable but, also quickly completed on-site in under three hours.

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The One And Only Serviceable Spindle

Our spindles were designed with the vehicle owner in mind. They have been designed carefully and precisely with a patent pending threaded end, so that it can be tightened down into the existing axle tube with the integrated threads. This unique feature makes the United Axle spindles serviceable! In the unfortunate event of another bearing failure, the spindle can be easily removed and replaced again. United Axle spindles are manufactured in Oklahoma with high quality steel similar to factory original and as seen in the photos – stronger!

We are currently servicing larger vehicles (semi, tractor-trailer, buses, concrete trucks, end dumps, etc.) We will be expanding soon to smaller ton vehicles.

Our vision for the future is a threaded axle manufactured direct from the factory. We currently have a design and utility patent pending for a threaded axle which could be a huge selling point for manufacturers. This will revolutionize the transportation industry! If you would like to see a threaded axle tube and serviceable spindles on your new line of vehicles we can discuss options available.

United Axle spindles are manufactured in Oklahoma – the heart of the USA.

Safe and Cost Efficient

Our spindles were developed with safety as the number one concern. United Axle spindles are factory made with high quality steel similar to original. Each of our proprietary spindles are carefully and precisely created with threads so they can be easily installed or removed. UA spindles combined with our innovative installation process will leave you with a better, stronger, serviceable spindle. 

United Axle gives you not only a safe alternative, but a more cost efficient option. Spindle replacement is approximately 1/6th of the cost of replacing the entire axle housing AND the process only takes a few hours. 

Patent Pending Process

We have developed a revolutionary process for spindle replacement. This new process is making a huge impact in the trucking industry offering a new, stronger spindle that is now serviceable.

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Business Opportunities Available! 

Start your own spindle replacement service or expand your current business with the support of United Axle and offer your customers our revolutionary spindles . Become a part of a team of people committed to building a brand and dominating repair service in the trucking industry. When you join our team, we will provide tools and proprietary equipment needed and ongoing support to increase your profitability and long term growth potential. Our business model has some of the best margins in the truck repair!

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